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The Arthurs’ Foundation is a non-for-profit organization, named after Cliff and Joanne Arthurs. In 2000, Cliff and Joanne invested their savings in a young Belizean man and woman. Who, without the Arthurs’ contribution, would have never been able to receive a secondary school education and go on to college.


The Foundation was established to to continue Cliff and Joanne Arthurs’ legacy of supporting and advancing young Belizean men and women through education. A Steering Committee consisting of their family and friends raise funds for use in assisting deserving Belizean youths to accomplish their educational goals. The Foundation hopes to realize this goal through corporate sponsorship, individual donations, individual and corporate pledges, fundraising through annual events and by acting as conduit to manage scholarships provided by individuals and corporations.


Founded in 1922 by legendary businessman, Paul Butler, the Oak Brook Polo Club is an American Polo treasure and one of the oldest polo clubs in the United States. It was once the sport's epicenter for elite professional polo in the United States and served as home to the U.S. Open Polo Championship for twenty-four straight seasons and other prestigious international and national polo tournaments.


For decades the Club has been a popular Sunday tradition and social scene known for entertaining Hollywood celebrities, dignitaries, royalty and Chicago's distinguished. Today, the Oak Brook Polo Club plays on the Prince of Wales Field, which is adjacent to the Butler National Golf Course and The Drake Hotel in beautiful Oak Brook, Illinois. Located 17 miles from Chicago's Loop, the club hosts a number of Sunday polo matches and continues to attract thousands of fascinated spectators who marvel at the athleticsism and majesty of this timeless sport.

In 2016, with the direction of Laoghaire Partners, the Club was privatized in effort to revitalize and rebuild the Club's image and sport in Chicago. In two years the Club has scene tremendous and global visibility to becoming one of the nation's premier destinations for polo.



In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of tracking, monitoring and reporting sports stats and game results in real-time, Laoghaire Partners has created POLOTrak, a digital alternative to pencil–to-paper scoring polo that would handle in-game stat collection and dissemination, box score generation, statistical reporting and more.


Similar to other popular sports, POLOTrak would resemble systems in soccer, ice hockey and other popular sports for inputting, collecting and disseminating sports data. Once collected, there are multiple applications in how polo fans, teams, players and governing organizations can see, use and benefit from the data, including: rankings, handicap reviews, live fan updates, etc.

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In 2012, Outside The Boards™ founders witnessed their first polo match and were stunned by the sport's beauty and brutality. Few sports, if any, have these combined qualities. The sport's grace, intensity and "war like" imagery creates a shock and awe viewing experience like non other. Combine this with sport's party-like atmosphere and lifestyle and you have a recipe for success.

Today, the sport has yet to experience its full potential. The industry is fragmented, riddled with politics and in-experience. Outside The Boards™ was designed to change all that and bring clarity to the sport by introducing best practices, insights, trends, and consulting services to industry stakeholders and interested brands so that they can reach their marketing potential and better navigate the sport.



Laoghaire Partners, LLC

1101 S. Delphia Ave.

Park Ridge, IL 60068


P: (312) 448-4693

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The Outside The Boards™ Podcast, invites listners to delve deep into the world of polo, breaking down stereotypes and offering an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this captivating sport.

The Podcast's mission is simple: To introduce you to the incredible people, captivating places, and compelling stories that define the world of polo. It aims to be your passport to the heart of the sport, providing a fresh perspective that challenges conventional beliefs. In each episode, the Podcast tackles the most pressing issues facing polo today, sparking thought-provoking discussions and offering innovative solutions. Utilizing the power of shared ideas, insights, and best practices to drive positive change in the global polo community.

The Podcast engages in candid conversations with industry leaders, dedicated enthusiasts, and awe-inspiring individuals who contribute to the greatness and enjoyment of polo. Their stories and experiences are sure to entertain, educate, and inspire you. Whether you're a die-hard polo aficionado or just curious about this thrilling world, the Outside The Boards™ Podcast promises to be your gateway to all things polo. Tune in and discover the magic that makes this sport both great and undeniably fun to be a part of. Welcome to the ride of a lifetime!

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